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Design Week 2009

The brief was to design a range of lunchtime, ‘Food on the Go’ carton board packaging for a high street food chain. I focused on asian cuisine, specifically looking at a way to make dim sum a viable ‘fast food’ in popular western culture. I received one of two design prizes for my work on this project from packaging company The Benson Group.

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Dim Sum Steamer Pack

Designed to hold Chinese dim sum or gyoza, the pack can be used to steam the contents in a microwave as well as having an internal flap that can hold a dipping sauce.

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Noodle Box

The noodle box’s lid folds back to let restaurants display food without needing to incorporate plastic into their packaging. It also has a slot to hold chopsticks and has a recessed lid to allow the user to stack to heir food for carrying without a bag.